Saturday, July 9, 2011

Film Development By Mail

Getting one's film developed when you lived in a very rural area was not a simple thing. Few towns had stores big enough to have one hour developing and many did not even have the connections to send film out. So you sent it yourself, from home to Kodak or another developer. You would send your 126 cassette, or 35 mm film and it would return to you all developed, your photos and negatives in tidy envelopes and sleeves. It was an exciting day to go to the post office and find your prints waiting for you!

It might be worth exploring sometime how some things today have fallen into our hands to do--in the age of digital, we make our own prints, either at home or at a place like Kinko's. Some other things we have passed on to others to do. What sort of quality and time use implications are in that?

Ad is from a National Geographic mid 1960s.

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