Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Technology Gone: The Typewriter

Again, at a thrift store. The only thing better for finding nostalgia items is an estate sale. Came across this strange instrument...

Not only is this a typewriter, it is a manual typewriter. This size is meant to be a portable--you could call it the first word processor. Touching the keys would cause some mechanical bits to move and make one of these arms, topped with a picture of the letter to hit the ribbon, thus transferring ink to the paper you had rolled it.

Unfortunately the cellphone doesn't quite have the resolution to show the little sculptures of "i/I" and "e/E" and "f/F" and the rest on these key arms.

Does any one use a typewriter any more? For awhile we needed them to fill out forms, but now with autofill, even that use is gone. However, if you were stuck in the jungle, this little machine might be pretty useful. It needs neither cord nor battery. Type to your heart's content, until your fingers tire, your ribbon is worn or you are out of White Out

1 comment:

Bob G. said...

I used to have an old manual REMINGTON (and I thought they ONLY made GUNS).
Wish I never got rid of it, too.
But we do still have a S/C electric.